Conscious Concert

A 90 minute live music performance that encourages the listener to use the music for an inward  journey of wellbeing and connection.

eXhale NM VP B&W

How is the essence of music truly transmitted to us? Do we listen with just our ears or can the vibration of music touch us in a way that stretches far beyond the physical senses?

An opportunity to experience the true magic of her songs, Natalie offers blindfolds to her audience and uses her experience as a healer to take you on an extraordinary inward journey of wellbeing and connection.

Connection to the music, connection to ourselves, connection to nature, connection to each other.

‘Conscious Voice’ has been an absolute revelation for me. As a newcomer to meditation, i have struggled in prior attempts with keeping my mind focused on the practice. I found Natalie’s guided meditation with sound/music effectively held my hand (or mind) through the practice and allowed me to truly experience the meditative state.’

Akash, 45years, Finance

My experience of the Concious Voice technique was deeply moving. Something I cannot quite put my finger on shifted inside of me, allowing for a heart-felt openness. As somebody who is slow to respond to auditory input, my experience was doubly surprising and revelatory. I’m now excited to experience more of Natalie’s music and work” Nomita Khatri, Designer, age 34.