Conscious Voice Concert

From the peacefulness of meditation to the fun of a music concert, Natalie takes great pleasure in combining her skills to take people and organisations on a journey of self discovery and growth.

CV ConcertUsing acoustic guitar, voice and rhythm, Natalie performs her own compositions as well as leading on meditation and other change focused techniques.

Presented in a magical way within various charming settings, Natalie puts considerable time and thought into creating an area that offers comfort, quality and where possible a connection with nature. A space in which participants can relax, let go and fully embrace the resonance of Natalie’s voice.

Performed as a duo or with guest musicians to suit the occasion, Natalie leaves people feeling enriched and inspired, encouraging us to open (or strengthen the opening) to a mindset from which new positive choices can be made.

Who is Conscious Voice for?

– Retreats: A beautiful addition to yoga retreats and teacher training, Conscious Voice offers students a wonderful opportunity to relax, self-reflect and rejuvenate in a way that compliments their practice.

– Organisations: Conscious Voice offers a unique alternative to standard organisational entertainment and training that helps to ensure successful positive growth for organisations. Tools and themes can be adapted to support specific CSR initiatives and training needs.

Individuals: Look out for public performances and workshops across Asia, Ibiza and the UK

Conscious Voice Themes

General (adaptable) themes include change, wellbeing, the community and the environment.

Take a look at the Conscious Voice Introduction video for an example of the themes used at Saraya Art Cafe, Goa, April 2015.