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eXhale (a.k.a. The Natalie Matos Band) fuses nostalgia and originality with Natalie’s infectious desire to have fun.

Acoustic retro – soul, jazz, rock, pop – Natalie Matos and drummer Vivek Philip are the driving forces behind the Goa based band.

Formed during the making of Natalie’s second album, they aim to create music that speaks to the soul, taking you to that ‘happy place’ where dreams become reality and ‘magic’ is not such a distant impossibility.

Natalie’s powerful voice and performance combines with cello, Spanish guitar drums and more to create a sensual, uplifting vibe that has earned them a strong niche in the Goa music scene and a popularity among all ages. [click here to see their Song List]

Available solo, duo, trio or full band, the band features Natalie Matos on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Vivek Philip on drums and backing vocals; Anna Shabalina on cello, musical saw and backing vocals; Karan Sajnani on lead acoustic guitar and didgeridoo; Derek Julien on lead electric guitar; Linar Rizatdinov on bass.

A singer with Entertainers Worldwide.Natalie has extensive experience performing across the globe at weddings, private parties, creative events, live music venues and festivals.

‘A mixture of acoustic folk, funk and tribal influences…coming up with something you can be proud of’

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