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New Moon Sound Healing & Meditation 17th September 2020

Offering an opportunity to connect with your authentic self / the truth of who you are / who you would like to be. The Virgo New Moon encouraged us to embody and look at the blocks in our throat chakra around our true expression of self. What is our truth? What are our fears? How can we move forward honoring both our truth and our fear?
(the audio includes our end discussion and feedback, meditation itself is 72 mins)

As you may know, Natalie is offering 4 free downloads as a thank you for signing up and participating in the New Moon Sessions. For any of you that have yet to access these downloads, you can click here to enjoy.

If you would like to know more about the incredible artwork above, the artist Natasha, and her work, you can check her out at (she’s taking commissions!)