Acoustic Listening Night At Delizia


So happy to announce that Natalie will be playing a special acoustic listening concert, Wednesday 23rd September, featuring Sankarshan ‘Shanks’ Kini on lead guitar and viola. This personal event will take place upstairs in the Yoga Shala at Pizza Delizia.

Due to social distancing, this event is pre-ticketed with limited numbers. We want to do our best to ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable, so there will also be sanitiser and a temperature check on entry.
Start time: 8pm
Entry: 250 INR


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Sankarshan ‘Shanks’ Kini is a Mangalorean-Konkani jazz multi-instrumentalist and music producer that spends the majority of his time in Auroville. He grew up with a Hindustani Classical background in Bangalore and worked for 8 years in the Mumbai entertainment industry.
Five years ago he created a base in Auroville to study and perform jazz and western classical music.

Natalie’s voice has often been described as ‘medicine’ or a ‘massage to the heart’. A natural performer, Natalie rediscovered her childhood love of songwriting back in 2010 whilst living on the palm filled groves of Patnem Beach, South Goa.

Her second album, eXhale, was supported and endorsed by UK mastering engineer, Pete Maher (Lana Del Rei, U2, Rolling Stones) The songs earned a feature on Ibiza Global Radio, as well as film placement in Amazon Prime release, ‘Shreelancer’.

Presenting poetic lyrics inspired by love and life along with original melodies, Natalie and Sankarshan offer a heartwarming evening of living room vibes with influences from Western folk, soul, jazz, rock and pop.

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