Happiness Package



The Happiness Package offers help to anyone wanting to improve their emotional fitness and stamina to succeed and enjoy life. It can be accessed immediately and repeated at any time within the comfort of your own home.

Fear, anxiety and overwhelm can be a common barrier to success. As such, the sessions have been tailored to support you in understanding and overcoming these emotions and their impact on your life.

This product consists of three downloadable audio experiences that use a combination of sound healing, guided visualization and coaching to support you with the emotion of fear and anxiety.

The use of sound healing and guided visualization techniques have been shown to be highly effective in helping people overcome anxiety and fear. As such the Happiness Package offers genuine support towards lasting change.

The package includes:

Introductory Audio (5mins): Outlining how to get the most out of the sessions

Session 1 (50mins): Working specifically with understanding and lessening anxiety, the session encourages us to uncover the inner voice of love and kindness, developing the process of understanding what’s triggering the anxiety and meeting our own needs.

Session 2 (60mins) Working specifically with the energy of fear, the session teaches and practices a method of working with the elements – earth, fire, water, air – to support ourselves in moving into a place of inner strength and calm.

Session 3 (46mins) Working with the energy of Love & Expansion, this third session has a stronger focus on sound healing, giving you the opportunity to simply relax and absorb the healing vibrations. It has been specifically curated to gently bring you to a place of relaxation, trust, inner knowing and happiness.

The audios are designed and delivered by Natalie and offer an opportunity to experience a session within the comfort of your home, within your own timeframe, as many times as you wish.

As part of the package, Natalie offers a FREE monthly Share & Support Zoom call where you’ll gather LIVE with others who also wish to support their own emotional strength and wellbeing. Providing you with genuine support towards lasting change.

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