New Moon Ceremony




New Moon Ceremony with Natalie Matos & the Anahata Collective, 90 mins

Through a mixture of visualisation, sound healing and intuitive guidance that is known as ‘Conscious Voice’, Natalie helps us all to connect with the energies of the new moon, encouraging us to embrace the possibility of new beginnings however large or small.

Why do we do it? We are interconnected to the earth, the planets, the moon in ways that are way beyond our imagination.

New Moon combined with Conscious Voice sound healing gives us a monthly time to check in, go inwards, to lovingly look at ourselves, our lives, how we are feeling, to acknowledge where we are doing well, what we need to accept, as well as looking at what we might like to change in our lives, how we would like to move forward differently.

Lets face it, we are generally our own worst critic, and yet we all respond so well to a little TLC. Combining what we do with the specific astrological energies of each new moon offers a beautiful way to stay in touch with and connect with the universal energies that we are so much a part of. An opportunity to connect with other like minded souls, bringing love to ourselves as well as those around us and the world at large.

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