Songs of Bliss

A 90 minute session for groups that combines a guided meditation with live vocals, guitar, drum and bansuri (Indian flute).


Why? In today’s world, everyone needs something to help the body and mind stay healthy. The dulcet tones and sound waves produced during the meditation will pass deeply into your body’s energy system. Natalie’s voice combined with the ragas of old connect you with the ancient frequencies of nature and spirit, inducing a blissful theta state. From this state of inner peace and connection, your body and mind naturally processes and rejuvenates, giving you the resources needed to cope with modern day living. [Theta is a state of deep relaxation also achieved during hypnosis and REM sleep].

‘Natalie’s voice taking me through the guided meditation was just bliss. I attended some sessions at a time when I had just been under a lot of pressure at work and her sessions helped me reconnect with myself and rejuvenate immensely.’

Purab Kohli, Actor

A unique combination, participants have discovered:

  • Access to a place of deep relaxation and inner calm, encouraging a state in which the body can let go of stress and stress related ailments.
  • Re-juvenation combined with a feeling of connection and contentment.
  • Improvement in  relationships, communication and empathy with others.
  • A strong appreciation of the benefits of Conscious Voice, including emotional wellbeing, increased vitality, focus and strengthening of the immune system.

With over 15 years of experience leading group meditations, Natalie creates a space in which participants can relax, let go and fully embrace the resonance of the music. Meditations are themed to suit the needs of the group, and are open to anyone that would like to experience deep relaxation, along with a method for letting go of the stress and strain of modern day living. There is no need for any previous experience in meditation or other relaxation techniques.

Who Can Get Involved?

– Retreats: A beautiful addition to yoga retreats and teacher training, ‘Songs of Bliss’ offers students a wonderful opportunity to relax, self-reflect and rejuvenate in a way that compliments their practice.

– Organisations: A counter balance to the stress of modern day business practice ‘Songs of Bliss’ offers employees an opportunity to re-connect and re-focus in a way that compliments organisational needs. Tools and themes can be adapted to support specific requirements.

Individuals: Look out for classes across Asia, Europe and the UK or get in contact to arrange an individual treatment (available in person and via Skype).

Group size? The workshop is perfect for groups of 5-25 people.