Songs of Harmony

A 90 minute fun, energising and uplifting voice workshop for groups.


‘Songs of Harmony’ leaves people feeling relaxed and energised. It is a fantastic example of how we can use the power of song for our own wellbeing, and a great way to shift and harmonise  group dynamics.

Open to anyone that enjoys music, there is no need for any previous singing or musical experience!

Participants have reported:

  • An increase in confidence
  • Better use of voice and voice projection both for singing and public speaking
  • An overall feeling of elation and bonding with group participants
  • A reduction in stress and stress related ailments

With vocal theory, warm up and coaching lead by Natalie on acoustic guitar and voice, participants have an opportunity to sing a range of simple yet inspiring melodies.

Taking her own songs and developing chant like phrases and harmonies, the group literally comes to life with the wonderful music that is created. As everyone relaxes, the magic unfolds, along with the confidence, elation and beaming smiles.

  • Learn how to access the resonance of your own voice.
  • Discover how to use the vibration of your voice for your own wellbeing using ‘the power of the hum!’
  • Realise the wonder of singing and harmonising with others in the group

Also available as a rhythm and voice workshop (where participants get to experience the added element of percussion).

Who can get involved?

Retreats: A complimentary addition to yoga retreats and teacher training, the class offers students the opportunity to discover their voice and re-affirm the healing qualities of sound

Organisations: A great alternative to organisational team building events, this workshop can be particularly useful where team co-ordination is relevant to meeting goals and targets

– A wonderful tool for instilling confidence in young people (8years+) and disadvantaged groups

Group size?
The workshop is perfect for groups of 5-40 people.

Individuals: Look out for classes across Asia, Europe and the UK or get in contact to arrange an individual treatment (available in person only).

‘I took singing classes with Natalie to help me prepare for labour and the natural birth of my second child. The breath and sound work we did together helped me learn how to reach deep into myself and access and strength and gentleness in my voice that both made a beautiful sound and was exactly what I needed in labour. I am so grateful for Natalie’s wonderful ability to combine singing with healing. I know that her guidance worked on my voice, my mind, and my body!’ Joanna Pyres, CSR Consultant