The Happiness Sessions

The Happiness Sessions aim to support anyone who is struggling with fear and anxiety, who would like a simple method to access their own strength and wisdom alongside a higher spiritual healing.

This product consists of three downloadable audio experiences that use a combination of sound healing, guided visualization and coaching to help you find your own place of happiness. The audio experiences have been specifically curated to promote relaxation, ease tensions and worries, and bring about a sense of peace and tranquility. The use of sound healing and guided visualization techniques have been shown to be highly effective in helping people overcome anxiety and fear. As such the Happiness Sessions offer genuine support towards lasting change.

The audios are designed and delivered by Natalie and offer an opportunity to experience a Conscious Voice session within the comfort of your own home

The Happiness Package

Fear as an emotion is something we easily sense. It is a primary nervous system response that is meant to serve us and keep us from harm. When we feel it in another, we therefore feel it within ourselves. With modern day living and our busy stress filled lives, it can be very difficult to find the tools to keep ourselves in a relaxed and healthy state. Many of us are finding that our primary fear response is easily triggered, often leading to a feeling of overwhelm and anxiety.

The Happiness Package offers a powerful way to support yourself by creating an alternative to the fear and anxiety. Listened to repeatedly the sessions offer an opportunity for you to learn and experience a different brain patterning. A patterning that anchors you into the feelings of joy and happiness within your daily lives

Session 1

Understanding and Working with Anxiety (50 mins)

Anxiety is the body’s way of telling us that there is something wrong. It’s generally something that we are not fully seeing or understanding – otherwise most of us would have the wisdom to try and change it!

This tailor made Conscious Voice healing encourages us to work with ourselves with love and acceptance. Together, we gently open our ability to translate the wisdom that our body and emotions hold. By uncovering and understanding the wisdom, we also uncover our power to meet ourselves in our own needs, gently soothing the body back to a place of calm.

This nurturing sense of self care is a practice that can offer huge relief to anxiety whilst listening to the download, as well as within our daily lives. It can also support anyone experiencing problems with their kidneys, adrenals and general fatigue brought on through stress and anxiety.

Session 2

Dealing with Fear and Uncertainty (60 mins)

This Conscious Voice healing is an adapted version of a live session that was offered at the beginning of the pandemic. As we all know that time in our history was plagued with fear and uncertainty. As such the session offers a truly powerful support to anyone looking to shift the feeling of fear into a place of strength and happiness. Providing a beautiful sense of love and nurturance alongside certainty within an uncertain world, we were guided to work with the elements as a way of transcending our own fear.

The elements offer a fundamental tool in helping us come to a place of inner strength and calm. The session itself offers an opportunity to embrace these tools whilst opening the door to bringing the practice into our everyday lives. It can also support anyone experiencing problems with their kidneys, adrenals and general fatigue brought on through stress and anxiety..

Session 3

Moving into Love & Expansion (46 min)

‘Moving into Love & Expansion’ is the third in a series of Conscious Voice audio healings that are designed to help you with fear, anxiety and overwhelm – helping to bring you back to a place of relaxation, trust and inner knowing.

The Love & Expansion audio offers a stronger focus on sound healing. Giving you the opportunity to simply relax and absorb the healing vibrations. The session can be listened to independently or as part of the series. If you would like to work with the whole series, we would recommend you listen to and work with the other audios to start. Listening to the ‘Love & Expansion’ session once you have gained what you need from the other healing audios.