About Natalie

‘Voice of an angel…’ Diva Jess, Ibiza Global Radio

Reiki Master – Transformative Healer – Singer songwriter – Intuitive – Coach

I have been blessed to be involved in coaching, healing and supporting people to create better lives, for over 20 years now. A Reiki Master and natural intuitive, I have dedicating my life to understanding how we can live in a healthy and happy way.

I have trained and come into contact with a variety of energy healing techniques and therapies including Reiki, Quantum Touch, Shamanism and tantra and I welcome the opportunity to pass my learning onto others through music, treatments, workshops and support groups.

Around 2014 I began to discover my ability to channel my voice. I realized that by singing at certain frequencies and tones I was able to help the body transcend the stress and trauma that it holds, offering something far more powerful than traditional energy work.

Over the years I have become an expert in coaching people to understand their inner self, helping to unravel the internal binds we create that can stop us from moving forward in life, and in 2014 I developed ‘Conscious Voice’. My own system of healing, Conscious Voice combines a variety of healing techniques with voice, music and intuitive guidance, resulting in a deeply transformative source of wellbeing.

For those interested in deeper work, I aim to support and teach the beauty of understanding and falling in love with your own shadow. A truly liberating process, I believe this is the real key to lasting transformation.

My Journey

I started my working days within the corporate world of Intellectual Property Law, later moving to Project Management within the charitable sector, I was living in (what was then) the town of Brighton, UK.

Although not easy to admit, I was struggling to keep on top of my physical and emotional wellbeing. Suffering from chronic back pain, in 1998 I was lucky enough to discover Reiki. I soon realized my symptoms were the signs my body and mind were giving me to tell me there was something wrong in my approach to life.

In 2004 I came traveling to India and never left! I moved to Goa where I completed my Reiki Masters and began to open the door to my intuitive abilities. Within two years I had opened a healing and music Centre called Harmonic and I had an amazing team of practitioners offering a full range of tools and practices.

During this time I re-discovered my childhood love of performing and songwriting and soon became lost in the world of music. Life opened musical doors for me, and I spent time collaborating and performing on the Spanish Island of Ibiza, as well as within Goa.

By 2014 I was keen to spend more time focusing on my music and developing Conscious Voice, so I left Harmonic to do just that. In 2016 I launched my second album, eXhale, as well as the eXhale band (a.k.a. the Natalie Matos Band). I wanted to create a fun and uplifting vibe that combined meaningful lyrics with a popular style of music. I love performing to a large crowd as well as the more intimate shows. I equally enjoy the process of writing commissioned songs, whether that be for individuals or film.

I am passionate about helping people to get the most from life, as I truly believe we live in a beautiful world where joy and abundance can be our foundation.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for connecting with me! I hope what I offer will resonate with you and that we will have an opportunity to deepen our connection in the future.

With love and smiles from Goa

Natalie xx