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‘Voice of an angel…’ Diva Jess, Ibiza Global Radio

As tourists flock to Goa to experience just a little of the freedom, creativity and alternative lifestyle it has to offer, Natalie writes songs to give us a ‘keep safe’ to take away with us.

A resident in Goa for the last 15 years, UK artist, Natalie Matos’ primary passion has always been to help people get the most from life.

Natalie rediscovered her childhood love of music whilst running her yoga and healing centre, Harmonic, on the palm filed shores of Patnem beach. A Reiki Master, healer, coach and trainer with over 20 years experience leading groups and teaching individuals, Natalie quickly turned her talents to songwriting, wishing to offer just a little of what she had learned through the medium of music.

It shows! Peace and confidence mixed with excitement and wonder, Natalie’s lyrics speak of the love and good times life has to inspire. Whilst the music offers an acoustic, sensual fun style, with strong rhythm and the odd ‘twist’ that truly uplifts it’s audience.

In 2011 Natalie took her re-found love of writing to the Spanish island of Ibiza, where her songs were met with open arms. Performing at many of Ibiza’s top venues – including, Ibiza Rocks Hotel and Atzaro – Natalie was prompted to give up her yoga retreat company and make music her full time profession.

Impossible to embrace Ibiza without a look in on the EDM scene, DJ Rene Lezare was quick to snap up the opportunity of recording with Natalie, featuring her on his third house EP, Kling.

In 2014, Natalie shifted her focus to combine music and healing in a different form and developed ‘Conscious Voice’. Her own system of healing, Conscious Voice combines music, meditation, Reiki and voice and gives people the opportunity to discover the power of music and healing to deepen the process of self discovery and positive change. Natalie continues to offer treatments, classes and retreats under the Conscious Voice Banner.

Meanwhile, back in the music arena, Natalie’s second album, ‘eXhale’ (2016) gained the support and endorsement of UK mastering engineer, Pete Maher (Lana Del Rei, U2, Rolling Stones) and a feature on Ibiza Global Radio. Recorded and produced in Goa by drummer and album producer Vivek Philip, eXhale saw the birth of Natalie and Vivek’s creative love affair as well as the coming together of the eXhale band (a.k.a. the Natalie Matos Band).

Unsurprisingly, Natalie’s tracks and songwriting skills have also gained momentum in the area of film, including the recent Amazon Prime release, ‘Shreelancer’, produced by Sandeep Mohan.