Conscious Voice Sound Healing

Looking for something that is easily accessible and brings you into a place of deep relaxation, connection and rejuvenation?

Combining guided visualization, vibrational healing, intuitive guidance and sound, these sessions provide a beautiful opportunity to come back to a sense of self. Connecting with ourselves, with each other, with the soothing vibrations of mother earth / the elements / spirit / god… whatever your belief system may be, these sessions not only support us as individuals, but friends, loved ones, humanity as a whole and this beautiful planet in which we all live.

A truly unique experience, participants have discovered:

  • Access to a place of deep relaxation and inner calm, encouraging a state in which the body can let go of stress and stress related ailments.
  • Re-juvenation combined with a feeling of contentment and an experiential knowledge of our connection to life / nature / spirit / a higher power.
  • Improvement in relationships, communication and empathy
  • A strong appreciation of the benefits of sound, music and healing, including emotional wellbeing, increased vitality, focus and strengthening of the immune system, along with an ability to cope with life generally.
  • The knowledge that you are doing what you can to support yourself and others by raising the vibration of the energetic field in which we all live.

With over 20 years of experience in leading groups, Natalie creates a space in which participants can relax, let go and fully embrace the resonance of her voice and music. Visualisations are themed to suit the needs of the group and created through intuitive guidance. They are open to anyone that would like to experience deep relaxation, along with a method for letting go of the stress and strain of modern day living. There is no need for any previous experience in meditation or other relaxation techniques.

“Conscious Voice’ has been an absolute revelation for me. As a newcomer to meditation, i have struggled in prior attempts with keeping my mind focused on the practice. I found Natalie’s guided meditation with sound/music effectively held my hand (or mind) through the practice and allowed me to truly experience the meditative state.” Akash, 45years, Finance

“Natalie’s voice taking me through the guided visualisation was just bliss. I attended some sessions at a time when I had just been under a lot of pressure at work and her sessions helped me reconnect with myself and rejuvenate immensely”. Purab Kholi, Actor

Who Can Get Involved?

Individuals: Recorded sessions are available for instant download as part of the Happiness Package.

– Retreats: A beautiful addition to yoga retreats and teacher training, ‘Sacred Sound Healing’ offers students a wonderful opportunity to relax, self-reflect and rejuvenate in a way that compliments their practice.

– Organisations: A counter balance to the stress of modern day business practice Conscious Voice offers employees an opportunity to re-connect and re-focus in a way that compliments organisational needs. Tools and themes can be adapted to support specific requirements.

Group size? The workshop is perfect for groups of 5-25 people.