Join us this Saturday 24th July for our Full Moon Music and Movement Ceremony

We have a beautiful full moon ceremony coming up in collaboration with the Anahata Collective Online Studio on Saturday the 24th of July.

Full Moon In Aquarius

Music and Movement Ceremony with Natalie Matos and Natasha Mahindra.

With live music by Natalie and movement with Natasha Mahindra, founder of Anam Cara yoga retreats and the Anahata Collective, we are offering a truly unique opportunity to connect and work with the energies of this full moon.

The Full Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is an Air Sign and is represented by the Water Bearer. The water bearer signifies the emotional landscape of the world.

This gives the Aquarius Full Moon a nourishing quality of self-care and self-love. Under this beautiful full moon, ask yourself…

  • How can I bring more lightness into my life?
  • What habit, relationship, or thing do I need to let go of, to bring more love into my life?
  • What needs to fall away?
  • How can I deepen my self-care towards myself?

As this full moon passes we will feel a shift, a lightness, encouraging us to spend more time with ourselves and learning to love ourselves a little more every day.

Join us for the full moon ceremony as we use the power of music and movement to help you connect more deeply with yourself.

Drop in Price: 800 INR (less than £8 / €9)

Free as part of the Anahata Collective monthly subscription

Saturday 24th July 8pm IST / 4.30pm UK

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