Tuesday 7th September, New Moon in Virgo: What does it mean for you?

There is an energy on offer under this Virgo New Moon, that guides us to explore habits, beliefs, or attitudes we have collected from our childhood that no longer serve us .

Conscious Voice New Moon Sound Healing, Tuesday 7th September, live from Goa 3.30pm UK / 8pm India

(also available on replay)

Hey lovely people

I was so happy to discover what this New Moon has in stall for us. An opportunity to deepen our understanding of our inner child and break generational cycles of patterns that no longer serve us.

So if you are feeling some confusion, along with the desire for change in the air, this could be why!

This Tuesday 7th our Conscious Voice Sound Healing event will be working with New Moon in Virgo. An earth sign, Virgo will help to give us the strength and grounding to lovingly move beyond the old.

What would you like to do differently? What does your heart really desire? What’s holding you back?

This month of September holds another special offer for you on New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies, so join us in making New Moon and Full Moon a part of your monthly health routine.

I am including some deeper information on the energies of this New Moon from a great site I have found ‘Forever Conscious’. You can also check out my Instagram page for a few rituals you can use to prepare for the event.

Hope you enjoy and looking forward to connecting with you on the 7th.

With love and smiles from Goa.

Natalie x x

Embrace the power of New Moon in Virgo with a Conscious Voice Sound Healing, Tuesday 7th September, 8pm IST / 3.30pm UK

Drop in Price: Normally 800 INR (less than £8 / €9) – Special Offer of 500 INR for September. Click here for details and to sign up.

The event is brought to you in collaboration with the Anahata Collective and Anam Cara Yoga Retreats and is free as part of the Anahata Collective Monthly Subscription


The energy feels all over the place with this New Moon. We may find ourselves seeking adventure, wanting to try new things, and creating productive change in our lives. We may feel the time has come to do things differently or to perhaps try something we have always wanted to try.

There is this sense of adventure surrounding this New Moon, but there is also a deeper energy at play too, guiding us to connect with our inner child and to think about our generational or ancestral wounds.

There is an energy on offer under this Virgo New Moon, that guides us to explore habits, beliefs, or attitudes we have collected from our childhood that no longer serve us.

An energy that guides us to heal ancestral or generational wounds. These are the wounds that are not of this life but are inherited from both our earth family and soul family. These wounds can also be connected to the land that we choose to reside in.

This energy is deep and the work is not easy, but it is triggered by the asteroid Nessus, which is very active under the energy of this New Moon.

With Nessus involved, we are called to break generational cycles that may not have been our doing, but that we have the power to end.

Under this energy, we may also be called to look at wounds from our childhood and become aware of how they are manifesting in our current reality.

(abstract from ForeverConscious.com)

Why do we do it?
I genuinely believe that we do not stand alone in this world, that we are interconnected to the earth, the planets, the moon in ways that our way beyond our imagination.

Many of you are, I am sure, aware that the New Moon combined with Conscious Voice sound healing gives us a monthly time to check in, go inwards, to lovingly look at ourselves, our lives, how we are feeling, to acknowledge where we are doing well, what we need to accept, as well as looking at what we might like to change in our lives, how we would like to move forward differently.

Lets face it, we are generally our own worst critic, and yet we all respond so well to a little TLC.
Combining what we do with the specific astrological energies of each new moon offers a beautiful way to stay in touch with and connect with the universal energies that we are so much a part of. An
opportunity to connect with other like minded souls and bring love to ourselves as well as those around us and the world at large.

Tuesday 7th September

3.30pm UK / 8pm India

(also available on replay)

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