Sunday 8th August, New Moon in Leo: Sign up for our online Event

Do you embrace the benefits of working with the natural rhythm of the moon?

Conscious Voice Sound Healing, Sunday 8th August, live from Goa 3.30pm UK / 8pm India

(also available on replay)

Hey lovely people

Do you know what it feels like to work with the natural rhythm of the moon?

This New Moon is in Leo and also happens to be coinciding with the Lion’s Gate portal. So if you need a change or are looking for dreams to come true, this is a particularly powerful time to focus your energy.

A natural time for new beginnings, this New Moon in Leo is offering a boost of energetic alignment in helping you manifest. It may also bring some unexpected changes, requiring flexibility and self-awareness, so it is helpful to quieten your mind, think about what you really want and set some clear intentions.

Our Conscious Voice Sound Healing New Moon event offers the perfect opportunity for you to do just that, plus we are offering a 50% discount on the drop in price to all existing subscribers.

Hope to see you on the 8th if not before.

With love and smiles from Goa.

Natalie x x

P.S. If you would like to know more about the incredible artwork above, the artist Natasha and her work, you can check her out at She’s taking commissions!

Drop in Price: 800 INR (less than £8 / €9)

50% discount code for all existing subscribers: NEWMOON50

The event is brought to you in collaboration with the Anahata Collective and Anam Cara Yoga Retreats and is free as part of the Anahata Collective Monthly Subscription

Embrace the possibility of New Beginnings, however large or small, with a Conscious Voice New Moon Sound Healing, Sunday 8th August, 8pm IST / 3.30pm UK

Why do we do it?
I genuinely believe that we do not stand alone in this world, that we are interconnected to the earth, the planets, the moon in ways that our way beyond our imagination.

Many of you are, I am sure, aware that the New Moon combined with Conscious Voice sound healing gives us a monthly time to check in, go inwards, to lovingly look at ourselves, our lives, how we are feeling, to acknowledge where we are doing well, what we need to accept, as well as looking at what we might like to change in our lives, how we would like to move forward differently.

Lets face it, we are generally our own worst critic, and yet we all respond so well to a little TLC.
Combining what we do with the specific astrological energies of each new moon offers a beautiful way to stay in touch with and connect with the universal energies that we are so much a part of. An
opportunity to connect with other like minded souls and bring love to ourselves as well as those around us and the world at large.

Sunday 8th August

3.30pm UK / 8pm India

(also available on replay)

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