So, much of February has been taken up in the studio in Goa with the very wonderful producer Vivek Phillip, as well as a trip back to the UK.

Massive thank you to everyone for making it such a great process 🙂 For those of you that haven’t heard it. Here is the ‘Love Loop’ preview.

Still quite a bit to complete, but we are 75% there – can’t wait for you to hear it all …

Wendon Davis Ian double Shantam Sax Benoi 2 Anna 2Wendon Davis

Second album track now fully underway. Hope to give you a sneaky pre-Christmas preview.

‘Patience’ has been the main word I word use to describe the process so far (a word I often find myself needing here in India). Luckily I have been here long enough to know that just when you think it is never going to happen ‘a magical something’ sets in that carries everyone forward and before you know it you have completed what you set out to do and then some.  The rest of the tracks are all set to roll with the start of the new year. Feel free to help me manifest that the ‘magical something’ continues in 2015 🙂