Are you aware of the benefits of regular attendance at a women’s circle?

Love, Connection, Inspiration, Empowerment
Physical health and Rejuvenation

I was introduced to the power of circle practice originally through my work with an indigenous tribe in Columbia. Already working in Personal Development and healing it quickly became something that i wanted to offer. Everyone always left glowing!

Every circle is different. Some emphasize the divine, others are a little more practical. Personally I try to keep a balance between the two, keeping them open to everyone and encouraging all beliefs to sit alongside each other without judgement.

I know for some the idea of a circle seems a bit ‘scary’ or ‘out there’ so i wanted to talk about the genuine practical benefits of getting involved

Although an ancient practice, there are many modern benefits. Circle offers a loving and kind way to support your own emotional, mental  and physical well-being.

Connection and support with loneliness.

Although we live in a highly connected world, more and more people are feeling like they never get an opportunity to really speak their truth, to be heard and supported within their experiences. It’s a difficult place to be to feel alone despite being surrounded by constant communication.


When we share we realise we are all the same. When we keep it to ourselves we can feel like we have something wrong with us. As we all know, life has its ups and downs. Regular connection through circle helps us to understand we are not alone in our difficulties, plus it gives us an opportunity to share possible inspiration, solutions, and ways that can help.


When we regularly experience connection and non judgemental support, it  helps us with our self esteem and confidence and provides an alternative to some of the negative subconscious programming that we all hold – feeling stuck / like we are not good enough / there is something wrong with us


When we gather together oxytocinn – the love drug – is released in the brain

Physical Health and Rejuvenation

Circle helps to reduce stress which in turn has benefits for our physical health

Regular attendance at Circle supports our own emotional and mental well-being. Empowering us to get the most from life, and live happier, healthier lives.

I run a Women’s Circle at the Assagao Birthing Center every other Monday

7.30pm – 9.30pm

I would love to see any of you that are in the north Goa area. Feel free to contact me to find out more.

You can also find details and book your space via the link.

NatViv colourOh what a good morning I am having!!!

Most of us are aware of the power of music and the effect it can have on us. However, very few of us are in the habit of using it consciously within our daily lives to support our own health and wellbeing.

As part of raising awareness of how we can use music for our own benefit, I am collecting anecdotal examples of songs that have touched/moved/changed people as well as compiling a playlist of the music mentioned.

So my morning has been spent listening to people’s choices and discovering new music – goose bumps and smiles all round!

Nat Saraya colourFrom Ragas to pop, below is the link to the You Tube playlist as well as a few examples of how music has touched the audience at both the Manashanti Healing Centre and the Earth Keepers Market, Goa

Hope you enjoy!

You Tube Link

Please feel free to add your own songs that have touched, moved or changed you…

audience SaarayaTracy Chapman, Fast Car (a personal favourite of mine…)

‘In my late teens/early 20’s I found myself listening to the song wondering if I ought to stay in the household I grew up in, close to my high school sweetheart or to leave and go away to experience the change I felt simmering inside me.

The song helped crystalize an unformed feeling inside me, giving me the courage I needed to make that shift.’

Words as a Weapon

I realised that I didn’t want to be hurt anymore by someone I thought I loved. I made one of my biggest and best decisions in my life, I left Europe and found a new life in India – she is sitting next to me.’ Monica, age 31

This Girl is on Fire, Alicia Keys

‘I first heard this when I was dancing at my dance school. I felt flowy and happy and I felt very into what I was doing’ Emily, age 9

Stary, Stary Night, Don McLeon

I heard this at a late night acoustic session at college. Through this song I thought I could see the entire life of Van Gogh and I saw a reflection of myself.’

I Don’t Want to Get out of Bed

‘I heard it on the radio. It made me aware of my teen kids. Made me more understanding towards their habits and their inner struggles’. Joan age 48

Police, Every Breath You take

I first heard this at the funeral of a friend. It made me very sad, almost made me cry. I think the music strengthened and maximised our sad emotion’ Gor, age 31, Mumbai/Poland

This time collaborating with Arambol based band Three of Life, the cross cultural, cross dimensional journey of voice, acoustic guitar, meditation, manifestation and beats will take place at the newly establishes creative space, Saraya Art Cafe, Sangolda, Goa.

Looking forward to sharing the magic…

Second album track now fully underway. Hope to give you a sneaky pre-Christmas preview.

‘Patience’ has been the main word I word use to describe the process so far (a word I often find myself needing here in India). Luckily I have been here long enough to know that just when you think it is never going to happen ‘a magical something’ sets in that carries everyone forward and before you know it you have completed what you set out to do and then some.  The rest of the tracks are all set to roll with the start of the new year. Feel free to help me manifest that the ‘magical something’ continues in 2015 🙂