Conscious Voice

Conscious VoiceCombining the power of music, meditation, healing and voice, to create a transformative source of wellbeing.

Inspired by modern NLP practices, as well as traditional modalities such as Reiki, Tibetan singing bowls, and the use of music in Shamanic ceremony. Conscious Voice offers  tools to help people deepen the process of self discovery and positive change, creating profound results.

Modalities are extremely effective for groups as well as individuals.

Songs of Bliss

Songs of Harmony

Conscious Concert

Transformative Healing

Conscious Voice is becoming popular within organisations looking at managing staff development and wellbeing as much as it is among yoga retreats and music lovers generally.

Participants of Conscious Voice have reported:

  • A deep sense of relaxation
  • A reduction in stress and stress related ailments, along with a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing
  • Better focus and clarity around decision making
  • An improvement in relationships and communication
  • Improved sleep patterns

How Does it Work? How many times have you put on a favourite cd and it instantly shifted your mood, brought clarity, changed the atmosphere in the room?

Quantum physics now clearly demonstrates the effects of resonance to change our cellular makeup along with the potential for music to be used as a powerful source of wellbeing.

My experience of the Concious Voice technique was deeply moving. Something I cannot quite put my finger on shifted inside of me, allowing for a heart-felt openness. As somebody who is slow to respond to auditory input, my experience was doubly surprising and revelatory. I’m now excited to experience more of Natalie’s music and work” Nomita Khatri, Designer, age 34.

Natalie has the insight, skill, patience and compassion that are required to tailor treatments to individuals. Not once in the six sessions so far have I felt like she was applying a one fits all solution. Nat asks questions that get to the heart of the matter and she listens to every word of your answer. I like that because it makes me a participant in my treatment as opposed to a subject.

J Krishnamurti, 47years, Civil Engineer

‘There will come a time when a diseased condition will not be described as it is today by physicians and psychologists, but it will be spoken of in musical terms, as one would speak of a piano that was out of tune’

Rudolph Steiner