Conscious Voice

Happiness is not something that happens to us. It’s something we create. What might be stopping you?

Whilst many of us might desire ‘feeling better’ we often don’t give ourselves the tools we need to do so.

Most of us understand that the way to be physically fit is to exercise. We know that when we are physically fit, we are more likely to recover from physical ailments and encounter less physical problems. We also understand that buying a gym membership and only using it once is not going to cut it!

When we struggle emotionally with the difficulties of life, we often forget that part of the issue could be our emotional fitness. If we understand and strengthen certain mental and emotional responses we can find it much easier to run the ups and downs of the marathon called life and create truly fulfilling lives for ourselves.

Put another way, some of us have not understood the activities we need to undertake to remain emotionally strong and avoid overwhelm. We can often try and look for that ‘miracle cure’ but actually we need to take an active part in our emotional wellbeing. The more active we are, the stronger we can get.

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Why Choose Conscious Voice?

The Conscious Voice method combines the power of guided visualization, energy work, sound healing, coaching and intuitive guidance, to give you a transformative source of wellbeing across multiple layers of your being – emotional, mental and spiritual.

Inspired by modern NLP practices, as well as traditional modalities such as Reiki, Tibetan singing bowls, and the use of music in Shamanic ceremony. Natalie developed Conscious Voice to help people deepen the process of self discovery and positive change. Combining ancient wisdom with modern tools and practices Conscious Voice offers multiple ways for you to explore and support yourself, creating profound results.

Why Choose Natalie?

Natalie has over 20 years experience in supporting people to get the most out of life. A natural intuitive, she holds a genuine desire to help people connect with their true selves, together with the beauty and abundance that this world has to offer. Alongside her coaching and intuitive gifts, Natalie is blessed with the unique ability to channel her voice to a frequency that helps the body transcend the stress and trauma that it holds.

How Does it Work? Quantum physics now clearly demonstrates the effects of resonance to change our cellular makeup along with the potential for sound to be used as a powerful source of wellbeing. This is why music can change an atmosphere in a room, or shift your mood when you hear one of your favorite songs

Natalie uses her knowledge of healing to channel her voice to a frequency that opens the door to transcending stress, trauma and illness. Connecting with the ancient frequencies of nature and spirit, she creates the opening for your body to merge with that resonance, thereby transforming the cellular make up that each of us hold.  

When combined with coaching as well as the mental and emotional understanding and tools to support yourself, Conscious Voice offers an extremely effective process.

Tell me more about the Happiness Sessions

Tell me more about one to one Transformative Healing

“Natalie’s meditation techniques and hypnotic music helped me to release some resistance that I was feeling inside for a long time. At some point my body completely surrendered, and I slipped into a deep resting state.” Beatrix, Massage and Sound Therapist, Hungary

“Natalie has the insight, skill, patience and compassion that are required to tailor treatments to individuals. Not once in the six sessions so far have I felt like she was applying a one fits all solution. Nat asks questions that get to the heart of the matter and she listens to every word of your answer. I like that because it makes me a participant in my treatment as opposed to a subject.” J Krishnamurti, 47years, Civil Engineer