Conscious Voice

Conscious VoiceFeel enriched, be inspired, acknowledge your inner wisdom

Ever thought about how we can use the state of relaxation and happiness brought about though music to improve the quality of our lives?

For music lovers interested in self discovery, vision and positive change, Conscious Voice is an uplifting technique that uses the power of music, along with meditation and other self reflective tools.

Recently described by Goa Streets as ‘enchanting’, Conscious Voice draws on Natalie’s wide experience in music, wellbeing and cross sector working. It is fast becoming popular within organisations looking at managing staff development, as much as it is amongst yoga retreats and music lovers everywhere.

Why? How many times has a song changed you? How many times have we put on a favourite cd and instantly it shifted our mood, brought clarity, changed the atmosphere in the room?

Throughout history music has helped to create unity and bring about social change. Numerous traditional cultures use sound and music as a form of healing, a way of connecting with the divine. Unsurprisingly, quantum physics now clearly demonstrates the effects of resonance and the potential for music as a powerful source of wellbeing.

Using these examples as a basis for Conscious Voice, Natalie has developed both a performance lead concert and a voice and rhythm workshop to take you on an uplifting journey of discovery and change.

My experience of the Concious Voice technique was deeply moving. Something I cannot quite put my finger on shifted inside of me, allowing for a heart-felt openness. As somebody who is slow to respond to auditory input, my experience was doubly surprising and revelatory. I’m now excited to experience more of Natalie’s music and work” Nomita Khatri, Designer, age 34