Transformative Healing

An individual 60 minute treatment available in person or online

Natalie combines her skills as a Reiki Master, sound healer and coach, to create a unique and deeply transformative treatment.

With over 20 years experience in helping people to get the most from life, she offers a strong understanding of the connection between emotional, mental and physical, along with the necessary tools to help people transform.

As well as offering deep energetic healing, Natalie is able to offer intuitive guidance to gently coach people to better understand their inner self and subconscious patterning, often creating profound shifts.

For those interested in deeper work, Natalie has a particular gift for connecting people with their inner child and working with the internal shadow, bringing a sense of empathy, understanding and self love that is truly liberating.

Previous clients have found Natalie’s treatments to be particularly useful for:

  • Emotional overwhelm and distress, including anxiety, depression, anger, stress and stress related ailments, relationship difficulties, bereavement and loss, sexual trauma and birth preparation
  • Physical recuperation, including pre and post operative support, cancer and repetitive physical ailments

“Natalie has the insight, skill, patience and compassion that are required to tailor treatments to individuals. Not once in the six sessions so far have I felt like she was applying a one fits all solution. Nat asks questions that get to the heart of the matter and she listens to every word of your answer. I like that because it makes me a participant in my treatment as opposed to a subject.” J Krishnamurti, 47years, Civil Engineer

“I’ve had some truly remarkable one-to-one sessions with Natalie where I’m not always clear what the issue is I’d like to work through, and yet come away buzzed with clarity. I don’t know how to describe Natalie’s intuition but her ability to pick up on the “noise across the waves” as I call it, is quite unique.Liz Campbell

“I took classes with Natalie to help me prepare for labor and the natural birth of my second child. The breath and sound work we did together helped me learn how to reach deep into myself and access a strength and gentleness in my voice that both made a beautiful sound and was exactly what I needed in labor. I am so grateful for Natalie’s ability to combine singing with healing. I know that her guidance worked on my voice, my mind and on my body.” Jo Pyres, 45, Partnership and Sustainability Consultant