Thriive Talks with Natalie Matos – Are you suppressing your inner Masculine or Feminine side?

If we want to live at optimal levels, our masculine & feminine energies need to be balanced.
By Nikita Jhanglani

The second in a series of articles by Thriive Talks (an organisation that supports personal transformation across India and Asia). Natalie gives her input to the question ‘Are you suppressing your inner Masculine or Feminine side? Balance them today and benefit!’

To strengthen your masculine energy:

– Indulge in mathematical or analytical activities and complete them in an orderly, linear fashion, for example by working your way through a task list.

– Construct something, engage in physically strong activities, or carry some weights or heavy items

-Light a fire. Watch it burn, be involved in stoking the fire and keeping it alight.

To strengthen your feminine energy:

– Consider how you are feeling and express your emotions. Engage in creative activities including writing, music, painting, cooking, sewing

-Allow yourself to complete your day / tasks in a non linear fashion. Drop the need to fully complete one task before starting another and just allow yourself to do things as they come into your head.

-Spend some time swimming or being close to water

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