Are you looking for support in dealing with Fear, Anxiety and Overwhelm?

Are you looking for support in dealing with Fear, Anxiety and Overwhelm? Would you like to deepen your journey into love and expansion?

Over the last nine months, Natalie has noticed a rise in the number of people coming to her for support in this area. Consequently she decided to create two new Conscious Voice Healing Sessions for purchase and download that can help support you or a loved one come back to a place of joy in your life.

A tool that you can use as many times as you need. When listened to repeatedly these recordings offer a doorway to connection with your own inner wisdom, deepening your own sense of inner peace and happiness.

Once again brought to you in collaboration with Evolve Beings, they are running an introductory offer for the next 14 days (starting 14th Dec 2020). You can find out more by clicking on the ‘Learn More’ button.

Fear as an emotion is something we easily sense. It is a primary nervous system response that is meant to serve us and keep us from harm. When we feel it in another, we therefore feel it within ourselves. In these times of rising fear and overwhelm it can be very difficult to find the tools to keep ourselves in a relaxed and healthy state. Many of us our finding that our primary fear response is easily triggered often leading to overwhelm and anxiety.

Together these two Conscious Voice sessions offer a powerful way to support yourself through these unprecedented times, bringing you back to your own sense of truth, relaxation and overall good health.

14 day introductory offer starts today, December 14th, and is a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one.

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