On line healing Thursday 2nd April, 5pm India / 12.30pm BST

Continuing to expand the field of love, connection immunity and growth
Replay 2 April 20 – best listened to lying down in a quiet, uninterrupted space

Just over a week into the official extended lockdown here in Goa, it is so incredible to see the many acts of generosity and kindness, along with the sense of community strengthening and growing.

After last weeks beautiful healing and meditation, we will once again be coming together on Thursday to bring our systems into a place of love and connection, that will calm the nervous system, help us to think more clearly and boost our immunity. Connection with ourselves, connection with each other, connection with the soothing vibrations of mother earth / spirit / god / whatever your belief system may be.

Similar to last week, the on- line healing and meditation will combine healing, meditation and sound. Anyone is welcome to join and the event will take place via zoom conferencing (an app that is very easy to use for those that are new to it). The event will be recorded and will be available on replay for anyone unable to attend live.

Please contact me directly with your email / add your details to the blog post / follow me if you would like to join. And please pass this on to anyone you think might benefit.

As I am sure many of you know, the more people we have the stronger and deeper the energetic field we can create!

Looking forward to another magical connection between us all. Sending endless love and blessings xx

At a time when everyone is concerned about money and the future economy it seems only right to offer this free of charge. If anyone does feel the desire to donate your contributions will be most welcome. Please contact me directly if you would like to know how.

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