Zoom Link for Online Healing Thursday 2nd April

Here is the link to today’s session . You can find more details on what to expect below, so please have a read.

Looking forward to connecting with you later x x

Topic: Expanding the Field of Love, Connection, Immunity & Growth
Time: Apr 2, 2020 05:00 PM India / 12.30pm BST

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For any of you that have not worked with me / online before, here’s a little on how to prepare / what to expect

Please try and create a conducive environment for yourself before the call. Personally I like to take the laptop to my bedroom (where I will be uninterrupted). Maybe light a candle or some incense – much the same as you would have if you were about to have a nice relaxing treatment. I would encourage you to lie down for the meditation.

If you are unable to listen uninterrupted, I would ask that you do not listen to the call live, but take the space that you need at a time suitable to you and listen to the replay. An energetic field is created around us all during the session which can be disturbed if we are not all focused on the call (much like if someone was chatting next to you in a meditation class). The energetics of the replay are just as strong as listening live.

Your video will be off for the call and there is no obligation to speak on the live call unless you would like to. Questions and comments can also be sent to me during the call via the Zoom chat option.

Please get in contact if you are unsure about anything or would like to bring anyone else to the group.

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