The Amaya Connection

An online weekly coaching circle with monthly membership, Amaya is a small support group offering a journey into greater awareness and a greater ease in life.

Amaya is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘without deceit / without illusion’. As a group we offer a safe and compassionate place from which you can relax, unwind, connect, re-align and learn to uncover and enjoy the genuine you.

Coming from a place of deep listening and non judgement, together we help each other to ‘re-educate’ ourselves:

  • We learn to use processes and tools that help us to understand and work with the subconscious beliefs and patterning that are affecting our every day lives.
  • We deepen our ability to be in the joy of the moment
  • We consciously create loving and supportive patterning, so that we naturally attract greater ease and goodness into our lives.

Under guidance from Natalie, Amaya offers a number of techniques including meditation, sound healing, circle practice, intuitive guidance, coaching and daily challenges.

  • Everyone involved believes in some form of higher power / consciousness.
  • Everyone is looking to do their best to re-balance themselves and this world for a better future
  • Everyone is encouraged to be themselves, bringing to the table their own truth and real life issues 

“Last Autumn I was invited to join Natalie’s Amaya group. I’ve never experienced such a unique style of support and exchange of life experience, never imagined it possible that something online could be so spiritually and emotionally beneficial.” – Liz Campbell

Who Can Get Involved?

– Individuals: Please get in contact if you resonate with the above and would like to find out more.

– Organisations: A beautiful way to unite, connect, support and compliment the skills of your team, Natalie offers bespoke networks that can support your workforce to achieve the aims and objectives of your organisation.

Register for The Amaya Connection

To register for Amaya, please fill in the form below. We currently run our sessions every Tuesday at 4pm India / 11.30am GMT. Upon submitting the form you will be taken to a payment page.

Given the difference in earnings and economic situations of everyone around the world, Natalie offers a minimum and maximum price range. You are free to choose to give whatever you can afford / feels right for you within the range based on your geographic location and circumstances. Monthly subscription ranges from:

INR 3,500 – 9,500 / £40 – £100 / €45 – 110 / $50 – $130

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