So it’s been another super busy and yet oh so enjoyable month here in Goa, followed by the start of our trip to Europe.

After many ups and downs and twists and turns the CD cases for eXhale finally arrived just in time for us to pack a load for the September 12th launch of the album in Ibiza (Goa lunch to follow in November).

IMG-20160808-WA0002For those of you that don’t know, I have not wanted to use the standard CD case as I wanted to avoid the use of plastic. After numerous people telling me they could give me what I was looking for, I came to the conclusion that I needed to design a simple card case and have it made in Goa, have the CD’s made in Bombay and collate them myself (with a little help from friends!).

We have also been finishing off a new promotional video, which should be out in the next few weeks, plus Vivek and I have taken on our first film together, ‘Shreelancer’ (although my first, this will be Vivek’s 23rd musical score for feature film).

Directed by Sandeep Mohan, Shreelancer is a great film about the journey and difficulties of following a creative path. When Vivek first suggested that we work together on a musical film score, my first thought was ‘what if I don’t like the film?’ I am very happy to say that this is not something I have had to worry about, with the subject matter being right up my street. Add to that a great Director and the involvement of a very talented singer songwriter and friend, Andrew Sloman, as well as studio time with Elvis Lobo and I feel truly blessed.

Oh, and did I mention that we moved? Vivek now has a great new place for his studio which he hopes to set up fully when we get back from our trip.

Luckily, as much as the energy has been flowing out, the support has also been flowing in. We now have  Bhagvati Nath helping us with promotions and Trisham Dey helping with bookings and planning our winter multi city tour of India.

My lesson of the month? Relax, let the love flow and recognize that I really am supported in everything I do  🙂



So it’s all been happening here in Goa. After many months of hard work our new album ‘eXhale’ has now been released to the crowd funding contributors and you can find a preview copy under ‘Recorded Music”

Please take a listen and feel free to post any comments or feedback. Official launch will be happening in Ibiza in September, following which it will be available at all major download sites. Indian launch will take place in November starting with Goa and leading to a winter tour across the major cities.

The album currently includes a bonus acoustic track ‘Free Falling’ recorded live here in Goa.

Special thanks to Vivek Philip for all his hard work and dedication in bringing the music to life.

Hope you enjoy!!

Album cover front 1Jun16

Rhythm and Soul 1

– Learn how to access the resonance of your own voice.
– Discover how to use the vibration of your voice for your own wellbeing using ‘the power of the hum!’
– Realise the wonder of singing and harmonising

Available as a drop in or 4 week course with the option of performing with Natalie and her acoustic band at the Museum on 9th July.

Soul Song video – Museum of Goa

So the month of June has come, the season has unwound, the rains are beginning and I get to start something that I have been wanting to get going on a regular basis for some time now – encouraging people to sing!

Whether you have never sung, think you can’t sing or are already at a place of enjoying your voice, these workshops are designed to support everyone in the discovery and fun of their voice.





All Acoustic 2Our recent acoustic gig at Shala 142, Assagao is the start of our campaign to get more feedback from you all.

We would be really grateful if you could ‘like’ our fan page (link below) and give us any feedback comments/photos/videos. This can be done either on the FB page or right here on the ‘news & events’ page of the website.

In return Vivek and I are offering a complimentary one hour acoustic duo performance here in north Goa (we are happy to perform in your home or place of choosing, for example for a dinner party, birthday or event) as well as four complimentary copies of our new upcoming album.

We will be taking all the names of everyone that makes a comment and be drawing winners in September this year.

NatViv colourOh what a good morning I am having!!!

Most of us are aware of the power of music and the effect it can have on us. However, very few of us are in the habit of using it consciously within our daily lives to support our own health and wellbeing.

As part of raising awareness of how we can use music for our own benefit, I am collecting anecdotal examples of songs that have touched/moved/changed people as well as compiling a playlist of the music mentioned.

So my morning has been spent listening to people’s choices and discovering new music – goose bumps and smiles all round!

Nat Saraya colourFrom Ragas to pop, below is the link to the You Tube playlist as well as a few examples of how music has touched the audience at both the Manashanti Healing Centre and the Earth Keepers Market, Goa

Hope you enjoy!

You Tube Link

Please feel free to add your own songs that have touched, moved or changed you…

audience SaarayaTracy Chapman, Fast Car (a personal favourite of mine…)

‘In my late teens/early 20’s I found myself listening to the song wondering if I ought to stay in the household I grew up in, close to my high school sweetheart or to leave and go away to experience the change I felt simmering inside me.

The song helped crystalize an unformed feeling inside me, giving me the courage I needed to make that shift.’

Words as a Weapon

I realised that I didn’t want to be hurt anymore by someone I thought I loved. I made one of my biggest and best decisions in my life, I left Europe and found a new life in India – she is sitting next to me.’ Monica, age 31

This Girl is on Fire, Alicia Keys

‘I first heard this when I was dancing at my dance school. I felt flowy and happy and I felt very into what I was doing’ Emily, age 9

Stary, Stary Night, Don McLeon

I heard this at a late night acoustic session at college. Through this song I thought I could see the entire life of Van Gogh and I saw a reflection of myself.’

I Don’t Want to Get out of Bed

‘I heard it on the radio. It made me aware of my teen kids. Made me more understanding towards their habits and their inner struggles’. Joan age 48

Police, Every Breath You take

I first heard this at the funeral of a friend. It made me very sad, almost made me cry. I think the music strengthened and maximised our sad emotion’ Gor, age 31, Mumbai/Poland

This time collaborating with Arambol based band Three of Life, the cross cultural, cross dimensional journey of voice, acoustic guitar, meditation, manifestation and beats will take place at the newly establishes creative space, Saraya Art Cafe, Sangolda, Goa.

Looking forward to sharing the magic…

So, much of February has been taken up in the studio in Goa with the very wonderful producer Vivek Phillip, as well as a trip back to the UK.

Massive thank you to everyone for making it such a great process 🙂 For those of you that haven’t heard it. Here is the ‘Love Loop’ preview.

Still quite a bit to complete, but we are 75% there – can’t wait for you to hear it all …

Wendon Davis Ian double Shantam Sax Benoi 2 Anna 2Wendon Davis